Migrating emails to another G Suite domain you own

Now that you've successfully migrated your emails to one G Suite domain, it's incredibly easy to do this again for another domain. Like all G Suite Marketplace Apps, the Carbo Migration Tool is tied to your primary G Suite domain. If you log in using your G Suite Administrator account and password, you will then access the administrator Carbo Migration Tool when you launch the Carbo app (see "Starting an Email Migration").

It looks a little different than what you would see if you were logged in as a regular user, so here's a screenshot of what the Administrator Tool looks like:

The biggest difference you'll notice is that in Step 2, there will be an option for you to select "Gmail," as indicated by the red arrow. Once you select "Gmail," you will be able to add a username and password as the destination account. That destination can be either another G Suite domain (secondary domains or domains on separate G Suite accounts), or even a personal Gmail account. The source domain options are also indicated by the blue box in Step 1, just as a reminder that with Carbo, you can choose whatever source domain needed. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you, but don't feel shy if you need a little more guidance. We can always be reached at support@getcarbo.com.

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