What is ShuttleCloud?

If you’ve been browsing our website or Marketplace page, you may have noticed ShuttleCloud or ShuttleCloud Corp. listed somewhere. You may have even noticed the “Carbo by ShuttleCloud” designation that is up on various sites. This is a good time to explain what ShuttleCloud is, our relationship with Google, and how all of this relates to you.

ShuttleCloud is our parent company, and what ShuttleCloud works on is consumer data migration for large enterprises. For example, our main clients on the ShuttleCloud side are Google, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast. While ShuttleCloud does now work with clients outside of the Google Apps Ecosystem, providing a solution for migrating to or within Google Apps is where we began as a company.

So it naturally made sense for ShuttleCloud to Partner with Google to provide Carbo, our free email migration app for small and medium businesses. We take the same technology that we use for our largest enterprise clients and simplify it to a self-service app that can be used without needing to hire a developer. All that is needed from you is authorization for Carbo to become your G Suite Partner.

This Partnership with Google allows us to bring email migration capabilities to your G Suite suite for free. While we are required to process the billing of your G Suite subscription, the rate that you will be charged will be the same as what Google is charging you. Usage will still be monitored by Google so have no worries and be confident that you are still backed by Google and its Support team.

While Carbo is designed to be an easy and affordable solution for your email migration needs, we also offer an Address Book API on the ShuttleCloud enterprise side. Feel free to take a look to see if that could also be good for your business!

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