General Permissions Error

Hello, there. So you’re being redirected to this page because you’ve run into what we call a General Permissions Error. Absolutely no worries, as these errors are very easy to solve. There are two basic types of permissions that you are required to grant to Carbo (and any Google Marketplace app) in order for our tool to function: API access permissions and data access permissions. Whenever Google updates its API, it’s a common occurrence that Google requests that one or both of these permissions be re-granted.

As previously mentioned, it’s quite simple for you to check and re-grant permissions. Let’s start with the API access permissions, and if that doesn’t solve the error, let’s check the data access permissions. And with either type, you will be entering your G Suite Admin Console to check on them, so make sure you are logged into a Super Admin account for your G Suite Domain before proceeding.

API Access Permissions

Your Admin Console should look something like this, please select “Security” (highlighted above) from the available options.

Next, you will be brought to the Security page, where you will be click “API reference” (which, once again, is highlighted above).

Finally, once you click “API reference,” the box will expand to show you the options that you can alter. In this specific instance, we’re looking for the very first option under “API access.” In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the box labeled “Enable API access” (indicated by the red rectangle) is not checked. Make sure it is checked, save your preferences, and try launching our Carbo tool again.

Data Access Permissions

Now, if the above doesn’t work, or if the box is already checked and API access is already granted, let’s move on to granting Carbo data access.

Once again, go into your Admin Console and this time select “Apps” (highlighted above).

Then you’ll be brought here, where you’ll be clicking the right-most option called “Marketplace apps.” From that general Marketplace apps page, choose Carbo from the available selections.

Once you’re on the Carbo specific Apps settings, pictured above, you will be able to tell if you need to grant permissions. In the screenshot above, you’ll notice that it says “Approval Needed” and that means that the permissions do need to be altered.

If you click on that “Data access” box, it will expand and you will be able to grant data access permissions as indicated above. Save your preferences, re-launch Carbo, and start enjoying your email migration capabilities!

If on the highly unlikely chance that you are still getting a General Permissions Error after completing both of the above solutions, please contact our support team immediately.

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