Is there a Free Trial?

Yes, absolutely, we do offer a free trial migration for any G Suite Administrator who is interested in testing out what our migration tool can do for your company. We understand that everyone wants to be able to try something before they commit, and we have now deployed our one free migration trial on the Google Marketplace.

This free trial allows a G Suite Super Administrator to run a migration free of charge onto one of the accounts on the domain, without a credit card and without need of signing up. This is a completely commitment-free way of trying the Carbo migration tool and offers the same functionality as the full version of Carbo.

There are a couple of stipulations with the free trial, though:

  1. A current G Suite subscription is needed - as a G Suite Partner, we are committed to developing add-ons for the G Suite Ecosystem. While we only migrate onto or within G Suite, our migration tool is the preferred method to transfer your legacy emails onto the G Suite platform. This trial is a great way to get you started migrating immediately.
  2. Only a Super Administrator of a G Suite domain will be able to run the trial migration. Once your company partners with Carbo, the migration tool will become available to all users on the domain, and any associated secondary domains. But until you feel ready to authorize and add Carbo onto your domain, only an administrator will be able to run the free trial.
  3. Remember that this is a free trial; you will only be able to run a single migration from an IMAP enabled email address onto G Suite. In order to get full access to the Carbo migration tool, we will have to be authorized as your G Suite Partner.

With that out of the way, I invite you to try your commitment-free migration today. There’s really nothing that you could lose from trying. If we do end up a good fit for your company, we’d love to partner to bring email migration capabilities to your G Suite.

If you want a little direction on how to run this free migration, take a look at our support documentation for a walkthrough of your first migration. And if you have any other questions, never hesitate to contact us for answers.

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